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Peter Zumthor dobio Royal Gold Medal RIBA-e 2013.

Peter Zumthor_

Švicarski arhitekt Peter Zumthor je na svečanoj dodijeli u Londonu dobio Royal Gold Medal RIBA-e (Royal Institute of British Architects), nagradu koja se svake godine dodijeljuje za životno dijelo. Neki od prethodnih dobitnika uključuju Hermana Hertzbergera, Davida Chipperfielda and I. M. Peia.

”At the age of 69, he has only built around 20 projects, but each one has caused ripples. He is now courted by millionaires around the globe – from Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire to Qatar’s Sheikh Saud al-Thani – each desperate for a piece of his pure, unadulterated vision. He is the architect every architect wants to be, the inspiration every student cites. So how did the myth of the mountain man come to be?”


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