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Izložba ENCOUNTER Hayato Isoa u DaR-u

Pozivamo vas na otvorenje izložbe japanskog krajobraznog arhitekta Hayato Isoa koje će se održati 7. listopada u 18,30 sati u Društvu arhitekata Rijeka, Dežmanova 2a.

Pridružite nam se na druženju s autorom japanskog vrta u Rijeci.
Izložba će biti otvorena od 7-10. listopada od 9-17,00 sati.

Hayato Iso Kew cert, Long wood cert, BA art (L. Arch). LANDSCAPE DESIGN, CONTEMPORARY ART, Founder of ISODECO

Hayato Iso-bio

Hayato Iso grew up in the countryside of rural Utsunomiya, some 100 kilometres north of Tokyo. With an architect father and floral designer mother he was destined to be in the arts. Both his parents had a strong belief in incorporating the natural environment in their designs which had a significant influence on Hayato’s future work.
Hayato studied Landscape Architecture at the Osaka University of Arts where he became interested in the balance between natural environment and building in design. After graduating, he studied and worked at the prestigious Royal botanic Gardens Kew School of horticulture in London. As well as studying the science of horticulture he gained an appreciation of asymmetry in landscape design. Following his time in London, he studied ornamental garden design at Longwood garden in Pennsylvania in U.S.A, which was once part of the estate of the industrialist Pierre S. du Pont.
He then worked at several organizations including the Park Research Institute of Ministry of Construction, Urban Design Office(Japan) and a facility for the intellectually handicapped to teach landscape maintenance and construction.
Hayato Iso founded ISODECO on principle of ecological contemporary art as the basis of landscape architecture. It is an essential part of his approach that his projects should always include elements of the local culture and history as a point of connection to the local community. As well as the mechanics of how people interact with the space, Hayato also tries to convey a story with his design.
In 2013, he successfully designed and supervised the construction of a Japanese park project in Rijeka, Croatia. Since then he has worked on intertwining Japanese landscape with different cultural and local designs due to his expanding project work outside the Japan. Due to this ISODECO has an office in Rijeka, Croatia as well as one in Yokohama, Japan.

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