Competition rules & assignment

Competition Documentation

The Competition Documentation contains the following sets:

A. Competition Rules

1. General terms of the competition
2. Schedule and deadlines
3. Awards
4. Competition jury
5. Documents
6. Competition entry content
7. Evaluation criteria
8. Competition entry format
9. Reasons for exclusion of competitors and mandatory documents which need to be enclosed
10. Provisions concerning competitors capacity and mandatory documents which need to be enclosed
11. Final provisions

Appendix 1. Statement of non-conviction

B. Competition Assignment

1. Introduction
2. Urban planning programe

A/   Purpose of the Delta and Porto Baros Area

B/    Detailed Purpose of the Delta and Porto Baros Area

C/   Urban zoning indicators for the construction of buildings and surface development

D/   Planning Procedures (SP, MP)

E/    Urban planning indicators and conditions of location and building according to the typology of buildings and surfaces

C. Competition Basis    

1.   Historical and urban development of the Delta
2.   Detailed spatial plan of the Delta central city park
3.   Location of the facility for waste water treatment Rijeka (UPOV)
4.   Conservational plan for the Delte and Porto Baroš area
5.   Geotechnical report
6.   Sea and wind impact on the coastal belt of Delte and Porto Baroš area
7.   Drawings:

7.1.  Geodetic survey 1:1000 (dwg)
7.2.  Facades of the buildings in the complex Delta (dwg)
7.3.  Situation UPOV

8.   Photo documentation
9.   Orto-foto footage
10. Images for photomontage

The content of each set is stated at the beginning of each relevant set of this Competition Documentation.

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